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Batch Weighing, Material Handling, Automation, Process Control

Customer Profiles

Murphy, Stanko and Waterhouse Limited have worked in the following industries:

Rubber Compounders

  • Proposed Plant upgrades and installation - Rubber Compounder.
  • New mixing lines - Rubber Compounder.
  • Refurbished mixing lines - Rubber Compounder.
  • New small powder weighing system - Rubber Compounder.
  • MSW are currently in discussions to supply a material feed system - Rubber Compounder.


  • Silo level monitoring for 60 tonne out feed stations - Plastic Industry
  • Production Control for 40+ silos including routing from mixers to day bins - Plastic Industry
  • FIBC discharge stations for mixing rooms - Plastics Industry


  • Weigher Upgrade - Cable Manufacturing.
  • Steel plating weighing and transfer system - Steel Industry.
  • Winding Machines - Cable Manufacturing.

Small Powder System

  • MSW are preparing quotations for a UK rubber compounder to upgrade their small chemical weighing systems.
  • We have also been involved with discussions in Italy with a major tyre manufacture again to supply small chemical weighing systems throughout Europe.

Calibration work

  • Rubber compounders - Platform scales, Oil Weighers, Polymer Weighers, Black Weighers, Batch Weighers, Bag Weighers, Check Scales.
  • Specialist flooring suppliers - Conveyor Weigher, Powder Weigher.
  • Animal feed suppliers - Batch Weigher, Powder Weighers.
  • Pesticide industry - Liquid Weigher, Platform Scales, Bulk Weigher, Volumetric Weigher.
  • Cable manufactures - Batch Weigher, Check Scales.
  • Chemical industry - Minor Chemical Weighers, Batch and Check Scales.


Q: How long has MSW been in Business
A: We became a registered company during October 2007.

Q: Where are you based? Where do you work?
A: We are based in Nottinghamshire, England. Our engineers have worked throughout Europe, America and Asia.

Q: Being a relatively small company, how are you able to offer the support we require?
A: MSW work closely with a number of well-known small companies. In this way we are able to offer support ourselves or through our colleges. Most support is given over the phone when possible, however an engineer can usually visit site the same day if required depending on location. All our weighing system now utilise a remote connection. We are able to remotely view and update our systems via a VPN connection. This greatly reduces your downtime and cost especially during the initial few weeks of a system upgrade.

Q: What experience do you have?
A: We have a combined experience in excess of 40 years. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of weighing systems, material handling solutions and production control. Our company has achieved the Mitsubishi System Integrator Status.

Q: What is your speciality?
A: We specialise in PLC, PC programming and small to large project design, installation and commissioning. We have been in the business for many years we have a wealth of contacts who assist us in all areas of material handling, weighing and manufacturing. Our engineers can connect to most types of PLC, HMI or PC's to diagnose unknown errors or plant difficulties.

Q: I want my weighers calibrated. How should I go about this?
A: We would normally ask for some basic information on the weigher type, amplifier and load cells. If this is not available we would usually visit you to identify your equipment and provide a budget calibration quotation. We can of course visit you with a full set of weights and simply carry out a check calibration if required.

Q: How accurate are your calibrations?
A: Calibration accuracy depends on your weigher specifications. Our high performance weigh systems are accurate to less than 1 gram.


Tel: 0871 662 9195

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