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Batch Weighing, Material Handling, Automation, Process Control

About Us

The continuous expansion of facilities and services within Murphy Stanko and Waterhouse Ltd means that we now provide a comprehensive ‘turn-key’ service with full mechanical, electrical and software design and development through to manufacturing and commissioning, followed up by ongoing support, maintenance and calibration contracts.
Based in Nottingham UK we currently have customers in Serbia, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, and the USA.

Murphy, Stanko and Waterhouse Ltd (MSW) specialise in:

Material Handling

We provide comprehensive expertise in all types of material handling, including conveyors, screw feeders, pneumatic and vacuum transfer as well as liquid feed systems.


Murphy, Stanko and Waterhouse Ltd design batch weighers, loss in weight weighers, continuous weighing systems, oils and resin weighers.


Murphy, Stanko and Waterhouse Ltd offer bulk and intermediate storage solutions, FIBC and RIBC stations. We also are able to offer heated liquid tanks.


Our production software is developed in house and has been installed across the world. It is fully customisable to meet our customer requirements. We specialise in Mitsubishi, Siemens and Allan Bradley PLC's. We design full SCADA plant displays.


MSW provide consultation services for plant upgrades, maintenance and support. We provide PLC, HMI and PC backup services to maintain you data and keep your plant running. We also calibrate all types of weighers, from simple platform scales to 60 tonne silos. We use fully calibrated weights and issue full calibration reports and certificates.


We provide full on-site and remote support via telephone or modem link. We are also able to provide support contracts for most types of weighing and material handling equipment. Our engineers provide a data backup and storage service for many types of PLC, HMI and PC based systems.


Tel: 0871 662 9195

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